I am a preschool teacher that found a solution for all of those pesky broken crayons!

During my college years, I worked as a preschool teacher in Columbus, OH. In each classroom we had a prize box for when the students were well behaved. I was tired of filling it up with cheap trinkets from the dollar store and I started brainstorming. The number of crayons that we went through at the preschool was unbelievable and the only solution for broken crayons was to throw them away. I thought there had to be a better option and I realized, this was my prize box solution! I started doing research into some options and came up with these fun new shaped crayons! They were a hit with the prize box and the parents loved them! What started as little treats for the kids turned in to party favors, and then in to custom gift sets! I started implanting the crayons into the teaching in my classroom and the results were amazing! Motor skills improved, creativity and play was more fun than ever, and spelling and reading skills were the best I had seen (thanks to the alphabet set)! The fun with crayons doesn't have to stop at school! These make for awesome corporate gifts instead of more pens, affordable stocking stuffers for all the little ones, and even fun collectibles!

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